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$300 Boost whitening — get started today!

Here at Chugach Dental, we offer teeth whitening treatments that are:

  • Fast and effective
  • Comfortable for sensitive teeth
  • Customized to help you achieve your smile goals

By brightening your smile, you’ll look and feel years younger. Improve your self-confidence and get the smile you’ve always dreamed about with the teeth whitening treatments available at our Anchorage dentist office.

Looking to improve the appearance of your smile? Not sure what teeth whitening treatment is right for you? Call Dr. Adam Jensen at (907) 868-3000 to get a free second opinion.

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Are tooth whitening treatments right for you?

Stained and discolored teeth are very common. In fact, in a recent survey, over 80% of people wished for whiter teeth. Stained teeth affect more than just how you look — your self-confidence can suffer, too.

Our whitening treatments are healthy, natural, and reduce the appearance of stains, discoloration, and white spots caused by:

  • Coffee and tea
  • Darkly pigmented foods
  • Smoking and tobacco use
  • Natural aging process
teeth whitening treatments chugach dental anchorage alaska
teeth whitening options chugach dental anchorage alaska

Your whitening options…

  • Boost Whitening – Our in-office whitening treatment. Boost uses a gentle yet powerful peroxide gel to dramatically improve the whiteness of your smile in just one visit to our office.

  • Custom Whitening Trays – We’ll make a set of custom and comfortable whitening trays that you can use at home with a whitening gel. You’ll wear them for about 45 minutes a day until you’ve achieved your desired level of whiteness.

Let’s talk about your choices — get a free second opinion!

Have you been told that veneers or another cosmetic treatment is the only way to improve the appearance of your smile? For many people, tooth whitening treatments are a great first option.

Dr. Adam Jensen will answer your questions about tooth whitening and cosmetic dentistry and help you decide on the treatment plan that’s right for you. Schedule your appointment at our Anchorage, AK office to get a free second opinion.

teeth whitening second opinion chugach dental anchorage alaska

Which is better — Boost whitening or take-home trays?

For more dramatic whitening in just one office visit, Boost whitening may produce better results. For maintaining whiteness (or just for the convenience), at-home whitening trays are a great choice.

How do I maintain the whiteness of my teeth?

After a whitening treatment, avoid acidic or darkly pigmented foods/beverages. Brush regularly and see your dentist as needed for follow-up treatments.

Can’t I just use whitening strips from the drug store?

Whitening strips don’t fit snugly against the teeth and aren’t as effective as our whitening treatments. Plus the results of over-the-counter whitening systems are much less dramatic and long-lasting.

How long does it take to whiten my teeth?

Boost whitening can improve the color of your teeth by several shades in just a single 1-hour appointment. With at-home whitening, you’ll see results in about 2 weeks.

We accept all dental insurances!

We are in-network with Premera Blue Cross, Delta Dental, Moda, Aetna, Cigna, United Concordia, MetLife, TRICARE, and more. We’ll file paperwork, explain what’s covered, and help you maximize your insurance benefits.

Have a question about how much your treatment will cost with dental insurance? Call our Anchorage dentist office today at (907) 868-3000.

No insurance? No problem.

With financing options like CareCredit or our Healthy Smile Club (starting at $45 a month), there are ways to pay for your whitening treatment even if you don’t have dental insurance. Ask our friendly front office staff for more information about payment options.

Ashley Prakash

I had not been to a dentist in quite awhile and I’m so glad I picked Chugach Dental. Dr. Adam was gentle with me during the cleaning, and staff members were very kind and professional. Prices were very reasonable and service was prompt. I highly recommend this office to anyone looking for the best dentist in town!

PS Make sure to check out the awesome hiking pictures of Dr. Adam and his dog all around the office!

– Ashley Prakash

Jeffrey Cincoski

I hadn’t been to the dentist in an embarrassingly long time. Dr. Adam and the staff provided care in a supportive way that made me feel comfortable. Their attention extended beyond just my teeth, and it was nice to be treated with such understanding. I liked that they had options for squeamish folks and could do so many different services; I feel like its a good one-stop option. Also, the team here seemed good-natured (fun and cohesive) and genuinely enjoyed helping me out. It will be way easier to come back to Chugach. Thanks guys!

– Jeffrey Cincoski


Dr. Adam Jensen (or Dr. Adam as we know him) has been our dentist for the last few years, and we were thrilled to learn he opened his own practice! Dr. Adam has been there for us when dental emergencies happen, and we can trust him with our treatment plans and routine care. He and his staff are all so friendly and personable, and treated us with care and kindness. It’s great to know we have a dental practice and a dentist we can count on. As an added bonus, we love to hear stories about his latest Alaskan adventure and see the pictures of his dog around the office. 5 stars!

– Jordyn

Najeeby Quinn

Chugach Dental has taken my anxiety out of that dreaded dental visit. Finally! I went in as a new patient for a cleaning and my hygienist was both enjoyable and thorough. Dr.Jensen took his time after my cleaning to discuss the health of my teeth and gums, changes I should make to my routine and future dental work that was only deemed necessary. I appreciate a conservative dentist because my dental insurance only covers my cleanings. Dr. Jensen is young and healthy as a health care provider should be. The office is also really clean and modern, no tacky music or outdated artwork. My appointment was easy to book and I even look forward to going back and having him fix a badly chipped tooth. 5 stars for services and the staff I interacted with. Highly recommended!

– Najeeby Quinn

Nick Zerbinos

Dr. Jensen is a fantastic dentist who immediately puts you as ease when you walk through the door. He is extremely knowledgeable and will explain what he is doing to make the experience a pleasant one. I would definitely recommend Dr. Jensen for any and all of your dental needs. He is truely one of the best dentist you will ever encounter.

– Nick Zerbinos

Jeff Conaway

Dr. Jensen is great. I was nervous to get an issue addressed. He took care of it quickly and the procedure was surprisingly pain free. I continue to see Dr. Jensen for his professionalism and his approach to dentistry that provides what is essential to his patients at a great price.

– Jeff Conaway

Tarryn Meyer

Dr. Jensen is such a kind dentist, he’s warm and welcoming and he truly cares about his patients. His staff goes above and beyond to make my family feel comfortable. He has also been really good with my 2 year old son, making him feel comfortable and getting him used to the dentist chair since he was 1. He loves going to see Dr. Jensen! The office is modern and you even have a nice view of the mountains while you’re getting your teeth cleaned! Highly recommend Chugach Dental!!

– Tarryn Meyer

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