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Dr. Adam Jensen uses dental crowns to…

  • Aid in the repair of missing or decayed teeth
  • Protect against decay and damage
  • Complete a root canal or implant procedure

Our crowns are high-tech and easy to care for. We offer many choices of styles and materials, including natural-looking tooth-colored crowns.

Have you been told by another dentist you need a root canal or implant? Call us at (907) 868-3000 to get a free second opinion.

New Patient Special: $199 for a complete exam and full mount series of x-rays.

Dr. Adam Jensen offers FREE second opinions, and a $99 new patient special that includes a limited exam and x-ray. Plus, ask about deals on tooth whitening treatments and no-cost cosmetic Botox consults.

When is a dental crown needed?

Dental crowns are most commonly used as the final restoration following a root canal or dental implant procedure. Crowns restore the shape, function, and appearance of a tooth that’s been damaged or lost due to disease, decay, or injury. 

After a root canal when the decayed portion of the tooth has been removed, the crown acts as a “cap.” It covers and protects the remaining healthy tooth structure, keeping it healthy for as long as possible.

When an implant is used to replace a missing tooth, a crown takes the place of the entire missing tooth. It attaches securely to the implant and will look/feel just like a real tooth.

In some cases, crowns may also be used to create attachment points for a bridge to replace one or more missing teeth.

when are dental crowns needed chugach dental anchorage alaska
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Let’s talk about your options — get a free second opinion!

When crafting a crown, we begin by taking an impression of your tooth that’s used to make the crown itself. We partner with a local lab who then makes the finished crown. It takes about 2 weeks and we’ll provide you with a temporary crown to wear in the meantime.

Before you have a crown made, we’ll talk about the different materials and the benefits of each. Some composite porcelain-like materials are designed to match the exact shade of your natural teeth. Other materials like gold are known for their durability but don’t have that natural appearance. 

Dr. Jensen will answer your questions and help you make the choice that’s best for you. Schedule your appointment at our Anchorage, AK office to get a free second opinion.

How long will my crown last?

With proper at-home care and regular cleanings and exams, you can expect your crown to last 15 years or more. Other factors, including your health, can affect the durability of your crown.

Is a crown better than a filling?

When a tooth is badly damaged or decayed, a crown offers additional protection a filling can’t. Large fillings also don’t provide the stability or durability of a carefully-crafted crown.

Is gold the best material for a crown?

There are many materials available for crowns, including gold and porcelain. Dr. Jensen will help you select the best material for your dental crown.

How do I prevent gum disease near my crown?

Brush and floss daily, paying particular attention to the gum line around the crown. Keep up with your exams to assess your gum disease risk and track changes to your health.

We accept all dental insurances!

We are in-network with Premera Blue Cross, Delta Dental, Moda, Aetna, Cigna, United Concordia, MetLife, TRICARE, and more. We’ll file paperwork, explain what’s covered, and help you maximize your insurance benefits.

Have a question about how much your crown will cost with dental insurance? Call our Anchorage dentist office today at (907) 868-3000.

No insurance? No problem.

With financing options like CareCredit or our Healthy Smile Club (starting at $45 a month), there are ways to pay for your crown even if you don’t have dental insurance. Ask our friendly front office staff for more information about payment options.

Shani Rinner

I am a new patient at Chugach Dental. The staff was very welcoming and friendly. Dr. Jensen cleaned my teeth himself (never had a dentist only hygienist do that before). He was very gentle and gave me options. My follow up visit was for a filling (😩) which I was not looking forward to. Dr. Jensen continually checked on me throughout the procedure and I am feeling great the following day. Thank you!

– Shani Rinner

Deanna Nielson

Adam is such a knowledgeable and personable guy! He takes the time to explain things and answer questions. He has integrity and doesn’t over treat. Having a dentist you can trust is crucial! He has a friendly and welcoming staff. Overall an excellent experience. Even gave me a nice hot towel at the end – such a treat! Highly recommend Chugach Dental!

– Deanna Nielson

Lawrence Quintanilla

Dr. Jensen and his staff are truly amazing! From cleanings to my fillings to upcoming work, they make going to a dentist enjoyable. They all make sure your comfortable and welcome with every visit! I highly recommend this office to anyone that wants a professional and friendly but also welcoming dentist!!!

– Lawrence Quintanilla

Katie Strong

All the staff were incredible. The COVID safety procedures made me feel very comfortable. Adam really listened to me to understand my concerns and provided helpful information for all my questions. He was also great working with my toddler. I was happy to that we talked through different options and I didn’t feel pressured to pick anything that didn’t seem right to me. I also felt respected and supported in my choices.

– Katie Strong

Teagan Presler

I found Dr. Jensen when I was having a dental emergency, and they were able to fit me in within 18 hours of calling. Dr Jensen and his staff are super friendly and helpful. As someone who is super nervous at the dentist, they made the experience as comfortable and easy as possible. They are up front with costs and provide estimates for services before they are provided, even same day. I would highly recommend Dr. Jensen and his team!

– Teagan Presler

Maxwell Kubitz

Fantastic office; comfortable, thorough, clean and caring. Dr. Adam and his team provided an awesome overall experience. Looking forward to going back!

– Maxwell Kubitz

Ryan Johnston

I have had a long standing anxiety of going to the dentist. I have recently moved to Chugach Dental. Dr. Adam made every effort to make sure that I was comfortable and informed about what was going on during the appointment.
Dr. Adam and his staff are personable, caring and attentive. His level of personal care is far and above anything I have received in other offices. He even reaches out after each appointment to check in about how I am doing.

– Ryan Johnston

Johnathan Sommer

My experience at Chugach Dental has been great. The staff are personable, informative and attentive. Dr. Jensen is exceptional. He does his work meticulously well, and he takes the time to keep his patients well-informed and offers the care and information necessary to maintain good oral health.

– Johnathan Sommer

Paula Rey

Dr. Adam Jensen/Chugach Dental Clinic really cares about their patients. Excellent, professional and personable staff. I established myself as a patient today. I had my teeth cleaned today and I did not have to reach for Motrin after the cleaning. Dr. Jensen actually cleaned my teeth, I know I will be a reoccurring patient. Highly recommend Chugach Dental.

– Paula Rey

Rebecca Mamrol

Adam is a great dentist! He makes the whole process easy, listens and is very considerate to your needs, and I’m always confident I’m doing what I need to for healthy teeth. He carefully explains what and why things need to be done. Pricing and his recommendations for procedures are incredibly fair. Couldn’t be a better dentist to start, or re-start your care with.

– Rebecca Mamrol

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