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Why did my tooth chip?

Teeth can chip for many different reasons. Some of the most common causes include:


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What happens if your tooth cracks Chugach Dental AK

How do you fix a cracked or chipped tooth?

There are several ways to fix a cracked or chipped tooth. The primary treatment options include:


  • Bonding – Bonding is just like a filling, but instead of removing decay first, we simply prepare the area and bond a filling to the broken portion of the tooth.
  • Root canals/crowns – This is a treatment for severe cracks that reach the nerves and blood vessels inside the tooth that is performed by cleaning and sealing the area and restoring it with a crown.
  • Fillings – Fillings both remove decay and “fill” the area left by superficial cracks.
  • Dental implants – If the damage is severe enough, Dr. Jensen might recommend that the tooth be extracted and restored with an implant.

Can chipped teeth heal themselves?

Tooth enamel is not connected to a blood supply or living tissue and does not have regenerative properties. So, if you want to repair your chipped tooth, you’ll need to seek help from a dentist.

What happens if your tooth cracks?

When your tooth cracks, this means that the enamel of your tooth has been fractured. These fractures can be superficial or they can be deep and impact the root. In some cases, people experience pain while chewing, temperature sensitivity, toothache, or swollen gums.

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How do you know if you have tooth decay?

Untreated tooth decay leads to serious health concerns. Here are some symptoms of tooth decay to look out for:

  • Toothaches
  • Sensitivity
  • Dark spots
  • Pain while eating or drinking

Not all people with tooth decay will experience symptoms in the early stages. That’s why it’s important to get regular dental cleanings and exams.

Is it okay to leave a cracked tooth alone?

It may be tempting to leave a cracked tooth if you’re not experiencing any pain, but it’s always recommended that you see a dentist to assess the damage. Even small cracks can worsen over time and lead to a host of health problems, including infection or tooth loss.

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Is a cracked tooth a dental emergency?

In many cases, yes. Cracked or broken teeth are among the most common emergency dental concerns. If you’ve sustained a minor chip on the surface of your teeth, then you don’t have to rush to an office immediately, but you should set up an appointment as soon as possible. However, if the break is severe and causes a significant amount of pain or bleeding, then it’s important to get emergency dental care like we offer here at Chugach Dental.

Will a chipped tooth need to be extracted?

The need for extraction will depend entirely on the severity of the chip. In most cases, chips can be fixed with fillings or crowns. But if the chip is extensive or the tooth has broken entirely, then you and your dentist may decide that an extraction is the best course of action.

What can a dentist do for a cracked tooth?

At Chugach Dental, we will be able to determine the best treatment option for you depending on the extent of the damage. In mild cases, bonding or fillings are great options. However, if the crack is extensive, we may recommend a root canal, extraction, or dental crown.

Can you brush a chipped tooth?

If you have a chipped tooth, you’ll still need to care for your teeth until you can see a dentist. You can brush your chipped tooth, but you should be as gentle as possible. If light brushing is causing significant pain, that may be a sign to seek emergency care.

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Can I see a dentist for my cracked tooth today?

At Chugach Dental, we welcome patients for emergency treatment of cracked teeth and other issues. Call (907) 868-3000 to schedule or just stop by our office. We’ll do our best to see you as quickly as possible!

Do I need insurance to see a dentist?

At Chugach Dental, we accept all insurances (except Medicaid). However, you do not need insurance to see a dentist for toothache pain treatment.

No insurance? No problem.

With our financing options like CareCredit or our Healthy Smile Club (starting at $47.62/month, $44.47 for kids 12 and under), there are affordable ways to invest in your health even if you don’t have dental insurance.

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